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At VACDES, home of the Little Judges

Curiosity is the fuel for discovery, inquiry, and learning”

Welcome to our brand new blog at Edublogs!

Throughout the year, we will be using this blog to post our thoughts and opinions on things we are curious about, the groups’ progress, and the learning we accomplish as we complete each unit of study.

Happy blogging!

2 thoughts on “Home-ACE Center”

  1. Hello!
    I’m working on building my class Edublogs and got your link from the Step 3 Edublogs Teacher Challenge. : )
    I really like how your blog site looks. You’re giving me ideas – thank you! After our classes get going this school year, maybe we can connect the students for learning and commenting.

    Have a great year with blogging!

    Diane Peterson
    Prince of Peace Christian School
    Carrollton, TX

    1. Hello Diane,
      Thank you for reaching out. I am new to blogging this year, but I am excited that this is a great way for my students to communicate with peers outside of our community. I think it is something that they can get behind and will really enjoy it. I would love to connect after our classes get started. Please keep in touch.

      Have fun blogging!

      Susanna Sullivan
      Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart E.S.
      The ACE Center

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